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Floating Island 


The following is a brief introduction of the Floating Island Convention.

The preferred location for Seoul's most extravagant wedding receptions, awards ceremonies, charity events, and fashion shows, the Convention Hall surpasses other Seoul banquet halls in both opulence and customizable technological amenities. Floating Island is an artificial island on the Han river. It spans about 9,629㎡ with a huge undulating palette for the LED lighting system. As a unique landmark of Seoul, Floating Island is a stylish meeting space offering facilities suitable for all kinds of business events, including international conferences, car launch, marketing event and much more. It consists of three artificial islands.


2nd Floor 

<Convention Hall>

A white dome-shaped main convention hall is able to accommodate up to 550 people for a sit-down dinner and 1000 for a stand-up party. It affords stunning views of the Han River. At the front, we have an 18m-wide screen with 20,000 ANSI resolution. After the event, backside curtains can be opened up and you will see the fantastic night view of the Han River. Catering is provided by an adjacent kitchen facility staffed by outstanding culinary professionals who are able to provide a wide range of menus to suit various needs including vegetarian, Western/Asian course meal, Halal and etc. 


<Villa de Noche>

The medieval-inspired European lounge with a private balcony is perfect to hold any social events. The lounge can accommodate up to 150 people for any occasion. This is a great place for a small tea party or having a glass of champagne before and after the event gathering. You will experience an absolutely new atmosphere with this sparkling LED lights and the view of the Han River. If you want a romantic and memorable experience, this place must be a good choice for you. 

3rd Floor 


We have a restaurant named 'Vista' serving lunch menus during the daytime and transforms into casual dining in the evening. This place has a fabulous panoramic view of the Han River. If you are planning to hold an event with less than 300 people, 'Vista' is the best place to hold the event. I recommend this restaurant where is the perfect place in Floating Island to enjoy the fantastic night view of the Han River with a wonderful location along the Han River.


<Rive Gauche> 

Rive Gauche is another banquet hall with a private elevator. We can accommodate 70 ~ 110 people. This place is ideal for a private banquet or meetings. After 7 pm, all LED lights in windows will provide an amazing ambiance to amplify the beauty of the Han River.


4th, 5th Floor 

Regarding 4th F 'Terrace on the Bay' is the ideal venue for corporate events and private parties. The beautiful sunset creates the perfect ambiance for your special event! It is a perfect space for unwinding and holding business parties with the cool breeze outside with the amazing night views of the Han River. 

Convention facility on the river

Event space with Riverside views


Cutting-edge video, lighting, and sound systems

Main hall features a panorama video display projected onto dome-shaped ceiling



2F Convention

- Size  762

- Sit down dinner- 550

- School Setting  - 1,000

- Standing party  - 1,500

2F Villa de Noche

- Size  321

- Sit down dinner- 150

- Standing party  - 300

3F Terrace Room

- Size 90

- Sit down dinner- 32

- Standing party  - 50

3F Vista

- Size  463

- Sit down dinner- 250

- Standing party  - 500


3F Rive Gauche

- Size  245

- Sit down dinner- 110

- Standing party  - 200

4F Terrace on the bay

- Size 1,032

- Sit down dinner- 500

- Standing party  - 2000


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